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Meet pzizz, the worlds’ most advanced sleep and power nap system, now available as a revolutionary app for iOS and Android.

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Relax, Sleep, Re-Energize… 5 Steps to a New You!

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Lie back, close your eyes – and simply relax, as you listen to the unique soundtrack pzizz has generated for you

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Fully Functional Mobile Apps, Now Completely FREE!

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The new free pzizz apps includes all the functionality of the original $80 software!

Proven Benefits

The benefits of power napping and proper sleep are well documented. Here are just a few:

Will pzizz help me?

In a word, YES – just as it has helped hundreds of thousands of other people over the past 15 years!


New Parents

Shift Workers

Frequent Travelers

Health Issues



Military Personnel

These are just a few of the types of customers whose lives have been improved with regular use of pzizz…

This is Your pzizz

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Hi, I’m Matt – Inventor of pzizz

When I first came up with the concept for pzizz I was teaching myself to ‘nap’ effectively. I learnt techniques of self-hypnosis and deep relaxation which, after a great deal of studying and practice, proved very useful and effective. I realized that to get the results that I was getting would take people quite a bit of time and effort which most of us don’t have in our busy lives. I wanted to give people the ability to have this wonderful effect without the effort, hence pzizz.

I needed pzizz to be usable by anyone, at any time, in any place and for any length of time. It must have a compounding effect (i.e. the more you use it, the better it gets) and be usable for many years. To do this I decided to use a structured ‘random’ selection process that could deliver a ‘nap’ of any length, but also each time you used pzizz the experience would be different (which is great for the subconscious so it doesn’t get bored)!

After 3 years of design, scripting, composing, programming, sweat and tears pzizz was born. The algorithm created the ability for it to be used for any length of time, giving it longevity and making it interesting for the subconscious so each time it was used, it got better!! I am very proud of my invention as so many people are enjoying the pzizz experience and getting wonderful benefits from its use.

As a sufferer of insomnia, I have to credit pzizz with practically saving my life!


Start Using pzizz Today

You’re never too old (or young!) to start using pzizz, so why not give it a try? As we like to say, you have nothing to lose but the bags under your eyes!

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What some of our customers have said

pzizz has helped 100’s of thousands of people from around the world. Here’s what a few of them have said.

The calming influence is very effective. Pzizz is the best!
Paul Larson, Greenwich Connecticut

I now consider myself a professionally trained sleeper thanks to pzizz.
Daniel King, Lubbock Texas

I love the guidance and the peace it brings me.
Ashley Harness, Powder Springs, Georgia

Just thinking of what pzizz has brought to my life brings me peace.
Dave Ulrich, Los Angeles California

Keeping up with the kids and getting in a full days work is not a problem. Thanks pzizz!
Mike Deckys, Woolridge Illinois

I found it to be just the solution I was looking for. It’s amazing. Keep up the great work!
Jason Hollowed, Lumbard Illinois

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pzizz for iPhone & iPod Touch is Now Free!
(for a limited time)

The original pzizz handheld unit (Power Nap only) sold for £247 (just under $400!), and the desktop software versions of pzizz sold for as much as $39.95 per module, and we’ve been amazed at, and humbled by, the response we’ve had to pzizz over the past 15 years.

Now, because our goal is to help as many people as possible enjoy the wonderful benefits of pzizz, we’ve decided to make it absolutely free. No strings. No ads. No limitations or restrictions in the way that tracks are generated. We simply want to help you get the best sleep ever, and enjoy boundless energy today and for the rest of your life!

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