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31 Awesome Features of Soundly

Going beyond “White Noise”

Posted on May 08 2020

We’re pretty passionate about audio. So we made this crazy “white noise” app and packed it full of features and content (although we like to call it “functional music; ” calling it white noise doesn’t really do it justice). It helps you get better sleep, focus, meditation, relaxation and a whole lot more.

Basic Features

1. Tap tiles to create mixes

We have a large library of sounds, music, stories, and meditations to choose from, many of which are designed using the same scientific principles we incorporate in our other product Pzizz. Sounds play endlessly while stories have the option to loop.

2. Save mixes as favorites

Saving a mix not only allows you easier access in the future, but unlocks all sorts of special functions (described below in ‘Advanced Features’).

3. Discover curates mixes based on function (sleep, focus, breathe, relax, meditate, etc)

Unsure what to listen to? That’s what the Discover tab is for. We pre-make mixes for you based on what you’re trying to do.

Advanced Features

4. Timers

If you’d like a mix to turn off after a period of time you can set a timer. Additionally you can set a default timer for favorited mixes so that every time a mix is played it starts the timer automatically.

5. Playlists

Create a list of mixes with individual timers that crossfade seamlessly into each other. You can also set “wait timers” and even an alarm to play at the end.

6. Folders

When you favorite a mix you can arrange them in folders. This is useful if you want to put all your sleep content in one folder, focus content in another, etc. It’s also useful because of folder actions like “play random in folder” and setting a Siri Shortcut to play random in folder (you can access folder actions by long pressing the folder).

7. Siri Shortcuts

We have Siri Shortcuts for nearly everything in Soundly, including launching a particular mix, launching a random mix in a folder, and launching a random mix of a particular content category (like “Sleep”).

8. Reminders

Building habits is hard. With Soundly you can set custom reminders that will help you build self-care habits.

9. Instants

Want to play a random mix of a particular type? On the Discover tab there are “Instants.” Currently available for Sleep, Focus, Nature, Meditate, Nap, Breathe, Relax and Wakeup. If you long press an instant you can set a Siri Shortcut for it.

10. Variable Voice Speed

Slow down or speed up and given narration to match the pace you’re grooving at.

11. Dark Mode

Also known as “Batman Mode”

12. Narration looping

Loop narrations infinitely.

13. Auto Play

Play a mix or a playlist automatically when opening Soundly.

14. Audio Fusion

Allow Soundly to play in the background while other audio plays.

15. Manage Storage

Choose what content you keep on your device for offline mode. You can also download the entire collection of sounds and stories in the three dots menu.

16. Healthkit

Track your “in bed” time or “mindful minutes” for specific mixes/playlists.

17. Sharing

Share mixes or playlists you create with friends through a link.

18. Switch Narrators

Many of the narrations have multiple narrators. Easily switch between them with on the story tile.

19. Search

Filters can help you sort through content categories but there is also a robust search mechanism that will scan title names, descriptions, and narrator names.

20. Request a Sound or Story

Need a particular sound or story? Let us know and we’ll create it.


These features are awesome, but they really come alive when surrounded by great content, which is the true hallmark of Soundly. Let’s take a deeper dive in what kind of content Soundly has.

21. Nature Sounds

Ocean, Rain, Distant Thunder, Forest, Thunderstorm, Thunder, Rain on Window, Birds, Wind, Leaves, Stream, Fireplace, Campfire, Summer Night, Night, and Blizzard (and more on the way!).

22. Breathing

Soundly includes various types of auditory breathing sounds. This is especially useful if you want to close your eyes and match your breathing pattern to the audio. The breathing library includes Heart Rate Variability Breathing, Resonant Frequency Breathing, 4–7–8 Breathing, and 1 to 2 Breathing.

23. Sleep Music

Our sleep music is designed from the ground up using effective principles in psycho-acoustics, including slowing the tempo down as the music goes on to guide your body into relaxation and rest. Learn more about the science behind our sleep music.

24. Focus Music

Psycho-acoustically designed “Focus Music.” Music that is specifically composed to help you get in the zone and be more productive.

25. Brainwaves

A range of Binaural beats, Isochronic Tones, Monaural Beats, and Solfeggio Tones are available to layer into any mix.

26. Sound Generator (Misc. soundscapes)

Cafe, fan, fountain, white noise, pink noise, brown noise, grey noise, car, singing bowl.

27. Sleep Narrations

Using the latest clinical research, our sleep narrations incorporate validated techniques to help quiet your mind and get you into a deep, restful sleep. Techniques used include: autogenic training, guided imagery, somatic awareness, progressive muscle relaxation, cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, mindfulness, heart rate variability breathing, hypnosis, and storytelling. Read more about the science behind our narrations.

28. Nap Narrations

Get a quick boost with an energizing nap. Using the latest clinical research, our nap narrations are designed to give you the break you need without that groggy “I woke up at the wrong time” feel.

29. Stories for Sleep (AKA Bedtime Stories)

Myths, fairy-tales, poems and original stories that will help take your mind off itself.

30. Wakeup Narrations

Wakeup feeling energized and refreshed, ready to get the most out of your day.

31. Meditations

A suite of meditations are available inside of Soundly, including: Mindfulness, Gratitude, Loving Kindness, Emotional Well-being, Forgiveness, Self Care, Affirmations, Easing Pain, and Compassion.

Final Note

Soundly is being continuously updated all the time with new content and features (and we always love to hear what you want, just email us at

If you’re interested in giving it a try you can download it on the app store here. Enjoy!