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7 Tips and Tricks to Using Pzizz

How to optimize Pzizz for you

Posted on April 28 2020

1. How to listen to Pzizz: speakers or headphones?

Many users find Pzizz works well just by listening through the built-in phone speaker, no fuss necessary. However, our audio engineers have created complex soundscapes, some components of which are best heard and most effective when using good quality stereo sound (preferably earbuds or headphones). Either way, the most important thing is to find something comfortable that works best for you.

If normal headphones and earbuds bother you during sleep, you can try various types of “sleep headphones.” We wrote an in-depth article looking at different options. Click here to read it.

Pro-tip: put the phone on airplane mode and then slip it underneath your pillow. Instant pillow speaker! You can even set the volume to play softly enough that you won’t wake-up your partner.

2. How loud should the volume be?

There is no universal volume level that works for everyone. It’s really specific to each person and their sound sensitivity. That’s why we built granular volume controls for both music and voice right on the playback screen. Adjust and find what works best for you.

Pro-tip: try putting the voice volume just loud enough that you can barely make out what the voice is saying. Anecdotally, many users report this works best for them.

3. Which Dreamscape?

‘Dreamscape’ is our fancy word for the specialized background sound effects and music that we design that help put you to sleep. There are many different dreamscapes that are included in Pzizz, so each time you use the app you can experience something new.

While we design every dreamscape to be effective based on clinical research, your own personal preferences are important in what sounds will ultimately be effective for you.

By default, Pzizz is set to randomly take you on a journey of different dreamscapes, but you can always preview and select a specific dreamscape in the settings. Experiment with different dreamscapes and find the ones that you enjoy the most.

Pro-tip: try the dreamscape “Breathe.” It uses a technique called resonant frequency breathing that many people find works incredibly well for them. It’s one of our most popular dreamscapes.

4. Which Narration?

Our narrations in Pzizz are designed with a variety of techniques to help get you the best rest possible (read about the science here), and each script has a male and female voiceover option. Similar to the dreamscapes, sample out a few, and find what works best for you.

Pro-tip: try the narration “Relax into Sleep.” It uses a large variety of different techniques that have been shown in clinical studies to help people improve their sleep quality and is one of our most popular narrations.

5. Adjust how long you listen for

Pzizz is incredibly configurable, allowing you to select for how long you want the music and voice to play. Some find it more effective to listen only to help them get to sleep quickly, while others like to play Pzizz for the whole night. Research shows even just listening for 30 minutes has great benefits.

To adjust the duration of playback, go into your settings and change your ‘fadeout timers’ to the length you want.

6. 3D Voice

In the settings window you’ll find many options, including the ability to enable “3D Voice.” Best with headphones, this feature allows the voice narration to simulate moving around your head while playing. Many people find this creates an extra hypnotizing effect that’s helpful in quieting the mind.

Pro-tip: in the settings you can actually control how fast the voice simulates moving around your head.

7. Stay with it!

While most people get great benefits right from the beginning, for some it can take 7–10 days before their body adjusts to pzizzing. Give it some time and stick with it to truly feel the impact.

Bonus: Napping and Focus

Along with sleeping, Pzizz can help you with taking energizing naps with our “Nap Module” and also keeping you focused while you work with the “Focus Module.”

Try Pzizz. We design soothing audio that’s clinically proven to help you get better rest. Available on iOS and Android.