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10 Best Calorie Counter Apps

Posted on February 03 2023


Starting your health journey and positively changing your eating habits can be difficult, but there is a solution that can make it easier: calorie-counting apps. These handy tools can help you stay on track with your calorie intake, whether you want to lose or healthily gain weight.

We know counting calories can be difficult, but don't let that discourage you from achieving your goals. We've included some of the best calorie-counting apps to ensure your body transformation journey is a breeze. Some of their key features include calorie counting, barcode scanning, meal planning, and even nutrient tracking!

Now, let's dive into the list of best options (and a bonus app to make achieving your goals easier) and find the perfect app to help you count calories.

Key Points

  • By using calorie counting apps, you can embark on a new journey that'll positively impact your health, help you lose weight, and simplify your transformation journey.
  • Reaching your goal in terms of weight loss isn't easy, and getting good sleep every night is just as important as tracking your calories and exercising.
  • Implementing a sleep app like Pzizz in your daily routine will help you see a major difference in your energy levels, metabolism, and appetite and ultimately help you achieve your dream.

Bonus App – Pzizz

To transform your body, getting adequate sleep is just as important as a healthy diet and exercise. That's where using a sleep app like Pzizz is vital.

Pzizz can be a crucial tool in your weight loss journey, as you cannot lose weight without a solid sleeping routine. To make that possible, we enhance your sleep by combining a sleep-optimized mix of music, voiceovers, and sound effects. 

By helping you achieve a night of deep and restful sleep, Pzizz aids your body in regulating hormones that impact your metabolism and appetite, which are key aspects of weight loss.

Many experts, including world-class athletes, authors, and journalists, have spoken highly of Pzizz and its effectiveness in optimizing sleep quality. If you want to take your weight loss journey seriously and have a tool to help you towards your goals of building your dream body, Pzizz is a must-have app.

So why wait? Let us help you with your goal of losing weight and sleeping well. Download Pzizz today from the App Store or Google Play and enjoy a free trial.

Best Calorie Counting Apps

  • MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular calorie-counting apps that helps users eat more mindfully by tracking their meals and helping them develop good habits.

The app's interface is user-friendly, meaning you won't struggle to track your macros even if you're a beginner. They have over 14 million foods in their database, all heavily detailed with calories, nutrients, and more useful information about the food that goes into your body.

Logging the food is also quite simple, as the app allows you to scan barcodes or enter the name of your products manually and find them in the app.

MyFitnessPal also offers a personalized experience for your specific needs. Depending on your age, weight, height, and goals, the app sets customized targets for your daily calorie intake and activity levels.

Overall, the app is a good option if you want to live a healthier lifestyle and achieve your fitness goals.

  • Calorie Counter – Cronometer

Cronometer is another calorie and macro tracking app that helps its users eat smarter and live better.

The app is great for developing healthy habits, counting your calories, and ensuring you're fueling your body with the right nutrients to help you achieve your goals quicker and sustainably. 

If you want to understand your body better, the app allows you to receive health reports. Cronometer also provides custom diet settings to make reaching your weight and nutrient targets easier. And if you're into fasting, use their fasting timer to track your intermittent fasts and see their long-term effects efficiently. 

All in all, this is a good app for those looking to track their nutrition intake in-depth but also gain valuable insights into maintaining a healthy body and mind.

  • Noom

Noom is a calorie-counting app that focuses on a long-term and sustainable approach to nutrition and wellness.

The app offers various functions to help you track your calories and nutrition. You can log your meals, track your exercise, set goals, and receive tips from professional coaches.

What makes this app different is its approach toward health. While calorie counting is important, Noom emphasizes an approach that includes psychological and behavioral changes to help you achieve sustainable and beneficial body results. 

The platform helps you lose weight and, with the help of personalized coaching from certified professionals, understand the science behind it. They will assist you through your journey and teach you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In short, this is the right app for those seeking a long-term and psychological approach toward weight loss.

  • Lose It!

Lose It! is an app that helps you track your calorie intake and help you stay on top of your weight loss journey.

The platform offers you a more personalized weight loss process. Based on what you want to achieve, Lose It! will give you personalized goals while teaching you more about the foods you consume daily.

To help you reach your goals and keep you healthy, the app tracks the amount of water you consume daily. You use the scanner feature to scan the foods you eat, making tracking your calorie intake quick and easy.

You can also monitor your macros by setting personalized macronutrient goals, ensuring you're hitting your daily goals to help you reach your dream body quicker.

The app is a good choice as it is simple to use, integrates with Apple Health and Google Fit, and, most of all, helps you lose weight.

  • MyNetDiary

MyNetDiary is an app for weight loss, diet, and nutrition combined.

The app customizes a diet plan according to your lifestyle and weight loss goals while also allowing you to choose the source of calories to include in your diet. Personalized targets are set based on how much weight you want to lose and at what rate, as every person has unique goals. You can monitor your daily progress and check your weight loss forecast to help you stay motivated and not quit.

To log your meals, the app provides a barcode scanner and full product details. Additionally, to help you organize and plan your workouts effectively, MyNetDiary allows you to log your workouts in advance to ensure you don't miss a day!

In general, this is another solid option for those seeking to track their daily calorie consumption and get in better shape.

  • Lifesum

Lifesum is an app that can help you reach your goals through better and more mindful eating.

The app begins by helping you find a diet that suits your lifestyle and is easier to maintain based on your food preferences. Afterward, the platform will offer you four pre-planned recipes daily to make meal planning easier. 

However, Lifesum's rich library of tasty and nutritious recipes is what makes it unique. They're also completely transparent regarding food and give you the full nutritional value so you can keep track of the calories and macros of each meal.

Overall, Lifesum is a great choice for those looking to create their health journey, track their progress, and reach their goals.

  • Macros

Macros makes tracking your calories based on macro nutritional aspects easy.

The app provides the right tools to help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to build muscle, lose weight, or even healthily gain weight, the app's calorie tracker makes the process simple.

Depending on your goals, Macros distributes the percentage of calories across your meals and calculates the macronutrient intake for each one. The app offers full synchronization with your phone's health app, keeping you informed and helping you stay motivated.

Macros is a decent choice for those looking for a food diary to make their tracking easy and simple.


YAZIO is a calorie-counting app that promotes living a healthier lifestyle to its users.

The calorie counter offered is user-friendly and simple, providing detailed information on your daily caloric intake and your macronutrient consumption.

The app has a rich database with over 2 million foods and a built-in barcode scanner to make your tracking a breeze.

YAZIO also gives you access to over 1,000 recipes. And, if you're looking to start fasting, the platform has a tool that provides fasting plans and a countdown feature to help you through it.

In addition, the app syncs with both iOS and Android health apps and other popular fitness apps, making tracking your sports, exercises, and activities simple. Furthermore, the app documents your weight journey through its weight tracker and shows your progress, serving as a source of motivation to keep you going.

Simply put, this app is another good pick if you want to live healthier, track your calories, and reach your goals.

  • Calory

Calory is a minimalistic and easy-to-use calorie-counting app.

The platform makes recording the calories you consume simple while maintaining its helpfulness in tracking nutrition, allowing you to track your macronutrient intake in detail. In addition, you can also track your water intake, as staying hydrated is an essential part of your weight loss journey.

The app also features a weight-tracking function that lets you monitor your progress and statistics with a weekly, monthly, and yearly chart to show you how far you've come.

Lastly, to simplify your weight loss process, Calory gives you easy access to thousands of meal recipes to inspire you, and logging them is simple, as the app supports shortcuts through Siri.

This is another great addition to the list of the best calorie-counting apps; it is user-friendly and provides many cool features to help you throughout your weight loss journey.

  • FatSecret

FatSecret is a calorie-counting app with a high-quality food and nutrition database that provides you with many tools to help you achieve weight-loss success. 

Using the app’s food diary, you can keep track of your daily caloric intake of everything you consume. The app is also very useful in helping you figure out what to eat, as they have a large collection of recipes you can add to your diet.

Pair it with their exercise diary, which records all the calories you burn in a day, and a weight chart and journal to record your progress, and you have a recipe for a successful weight loss journey. It is important to mention that you can integrate all of this data into both iOS and Android health apps, making it easy to track your progress.

This app is an excellent choice if you're seeking to live a healthier life, track your calories, and achieve your goals.


We all know that calorie-counting apps are crucial for those looking to lose weight or achieve their dream body. However, it is important to note that weight loss is not just about calorie counting. Factors such as sleep quality can greatly impact the outcome of your fitness journey and overall health. 

To ensure you're on the right path to reaching your goals, pair a calorie-counting app with a sleep app like Pzizz, and you'll see massive improvements in maintaining energy levels, reducing stress, and losing weight.

Download Pzizz from the App Store or Google Play if you're serious about reaching your fitness goals and optimizing your sleeping habits today.


Can I track calories on my iPhone?

You can track calories on your iPhone by downloading a calorie-counting app from the App Store.

How many calories should I be eating a day?

Many factors affect your ideal daily caloric intake, such as age, gender, and activity level. To get an estimate, you can use a calorie calculator online.

How accurate are calorie apps?

Calorie-calculating apps are mostly accurate. To get the most accurate calorie readings from the app, it's important to be precise with your measurements.