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The Digital Spa: 12 Best Relaxation Apps for a Peaceful Mind

Posted on January 02 2023


  • Looking after your mental health is vital to reducing stress and living a fulfilling life. Relaxation apps provide an accessible way to soothe your mind on the go with calming sounds, guided meditations, or journaling prompts. 
  • If you’re interested in apps for relaxation and sleep, try our soothing science-backed audios on Pzizz to experience a deeper, more restful night. Alternatively, listen to dreamy sleep stories on Doze.
  • The Gratitude app offers a visual way to plan goals and promote positive thinking. Although if you’re looking for thought-provoking journal prompts to clear mental clutter, try Reflectly. Keep reading to learn about the best relaxation apps to relieve stress anywhere.


Phones have become an integral part of modern life. Once upon a time, they were simply messaging or calling devices; now, they open doors to so much more. From fitness training to career development and entertainment, your phone plays a significant role in your lifestyle. So, why not use it for relaxation too? 

Life is full of stressors, from work and family to health concerns. For many of us, it feels like it never ends. Here at Pzizz, we believe looking after your mind is vital to living a fulfilling and happy life. As sleep aid app pioneers, we know the importance of mental health and caring for oneself in a holistic way. That’s why we’re big advocates of relaxation apps to help you on this journey. For instance, if you’re struggling to fall asleep, download the Pzizz app to discover how our science-backed soundscapes can help you drift off.

If you’ve browsed the App Store recently, you’ll know hundreds of wellness apps are available. Some encourage you to take a break or practice positive affirmations, while others give you a safe space to journal or meditate. With so many to choose between, how do you know which to download? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve evaluated the best relaxation apps on the market, so you don’t have to. Read this helpful guide to find an app for calming down and relieving stress.

The Best Apps for Relaxation and Sleep


Relaxation has become a luxury for many people. Whether you’re in a demanding 9 to 5, caring for little ones, or simply trying to juggle multiple tasks, the day’s stress can weigh heavy on your shoulders. For many, this manifests as sleep struggles and anxiety, preventing them from relaxing. In fact, in a study on sleep and anxiety, researchers outline that 24 to 36% [1] of people with insomnia also have an anxiety disorder. If you’re experiencing symptoms, discussing possible solutions with your healthcare provider is a good idea. However, there are some measures you can implement alongside. That’s where Pzizz comes in.

Pzizz is a sleep app that uses clinically-validated techniques to help you fall asleep easier, stay asleep throughout the night, and wake up refreshed. Our app’s patented system mixes a soothing audio we like to call ‘Dreamscapes.’ These relaxing tracks combine voiceovers, sound effects, and psychoacoustic music to create a calming environment so you can slip into slumber. Unlike other sleep apps, Pzizz mixes a unique sound every time you listen. This variety means your brain doesn’t get accustomed to one audio sequence and, thus, increases in effectiveness over time — we’re pretty proud of this feature! 

With highly customizable controls, you can change the volume, length of audio, narrator’s voice, and much more to suit your needs. Despite this sophisticated technology, Pzizz offers simplicity and a beautiful, user-friendly interface. 

If you want to sleep at the push of a button, download Pzizz on the App Store or Google Play to enjoy a free trial.


Distractions come thick and fast in our nonstop world, making it hard to concentrate on the tasks that matter. Relaxation tools are invaluable in improving your ability to focus and lowering stress. For example, research shows meditation helps individuals improve these skills [2, 3] by concentrating on the present moment. Numerous relaxation apps offer mindfulness activities, many of which are in this article. However, let us introduce Mesmerize, one of the best relaxation meditation apps on the market. 

Mesmerize provides a unique approach to mindfulness by combining soothing visuals and expertly-crafted meditations. These sessions engage your attention, help you focus, and lower anxiety symptoms. You can play the visualswith relaxing music or to accompany a Mesmerize guided meditation. While meditation has many proven benefits [3], some people find it uncomfortable to close their eyes during the session. If this is you, Mesmerize is an excellent app for calming down, as you can watch the hypnotic imagery to limit distractions instead of closing your eyes. The app also uses psychoacoustic music and scientifically-proven techniques to ease your nervous system and clear racing thoughts, so you can quickly enter a deeper state of relaxation.

To mix up your meditation practice, download Mesmerize on the App Store or Google Play and start your free three-day trial. 

Sound Machine

When you’re working all day or getting distracted by external noises, your mind and body are more susceptible to stress. Finding a way to alleviate these distractions and ease the mind can help you become more productive. A white noise app, like Sound Machine, might come in handy. 

White noise works by canceling out unwanted frequencies and encouraging a more calming environment for your senses. The masterminds behind this app use clinically-validated methods to create an extensive library of functional audio. You can even use the Audio Fusion feature to listen alongside other apps and, for Apple users, create Siri shortcuts to jump into your favorite playlists quicker.

Moreover, you can mix and match meditations, sounds, music, and stories to find your preferred style. With the ability to make custom audio mixes and playlists, it’s easy to personalize your experience.

Sound Machine is a great relaxing app to use alongside any task, leisure activity, or nap time. Even better, you’ll never run out of options as the developers prioritize frequent content updates. 

Download Sound Machine on an IOS or Android device for a seven-day free trial. 


If you loved bedtime stories as a child, you’d love Doze. Although, rather than The Hungry Caterpillar, you can tune into dreamy myths and sleepy tales that set the tone for a restful night. This is one of the best stress relief apps to use before bed, as it uses clinically-proven techniques to create peaceful audio. With 3D voice narration, high-quality nature sounds and white noise, and guided meditations, Doze immerses you in tranquil environments for a stress-free evening. 

Furthermore, you can dip your toe into hypnotherapy audios that take you on a journey with guided imagery and calming sounds.

Download Doze on the App Store or Google Play to try a seven-day free trial and drift into dreamland.


Mindfulness apps are not in short supply, so how do you know which is right for you? Well, this next app is one of a kind and offers a safe space for Black, Indigenous, Women of Color (BIWOC). Exhale was designed by BIWOC and hopes to provide an empowering hub to learn, practice self-care, and create a community. 

The app educates and soothes users with meditations, guided imagery, coaching talks, and more. Topics include self-compassion, grief, addressing your inner critic, and so on. Unlike other wellness apps, users praise Exhale for its acknowledgment of microaggressions and trauma. Furthermore, adding soothing music helps users feel calm and grounded no matter which app features they use.


It’s hard to relax when your mind is racing, and all you want to do is fidget. If this sounds familiar, we have just the app for you. Woah displays trippy visuals that aim to comfort users. You can alter the colors by swiping left or right and dragging elements to interact with the display. When paired with mesmerizing music, Woah becomes a truly standout app for those needing a dose of calm. 

Think of it like a digital fidget toy, which experts believe could help people who struggle to stay still and focused for long periods. Since the app is interactive and allows you to change the imagery, it might help people who need something to do with their hands.

Moreover, Woah stands out for its VR compatibility and music visualizer. When enabled, you can immerse yourself in these scenes and watch the music come to life as the visuals respond to the sound. Woah helps you relax into the present moment and de-stress anytime. 

Download Woah on your Apple or Android device to try this fresh take on a relaxation app.


Stress and anxiety show up in various ways and prevent relaxation. Some individuals may experience racing or intrusive thoughts, which can distract them from a task or prevent them from getting to sleep. If you’re craving mental clarity or need somewhere to vent your thoughts and feelings, try Reflectly. 

Reflectly is a journaling app that uses AI to craft relevant and thought-provoking questions. These journal prompts help you discover what you’re feeling and why. A daily journaling session can start your day on the right foot, giving you a safe space to clear the mental clutter and reduce stress. In addition, Reflectly offers a motivational quotes widget to ensure you have a dose of calm wherever you go.

7 Cups

Have you ever wanted to get something off your chest but haven’t had anyone to talk to? 7 Cups may be the solution. This app lets you chat with a trained listener to help you sort through your thoughts, relieve the pressure, and vent in a safe space. It’s a great option for people considering therapy but unsure how to take the first steps. When you’re ready, 7 Cups can also connect you with licensed counselors and therapists so you can take your journey to the next stage.

Alongside anonymous emotional support, you can engage in group chats, supportive community forums, and mindfulness exercises from your device.

365 Gratitude Journal

Training your mind to focus on positive aspects of life can do wonders for your mental well-being. In fact, neuroscientists often discuss the possible benefits of practicing gratitude regularly, including stress relief, better sleep, and reduced pain. Therefore, downloading a gratitude app might help you develop a habit of expressing gratitude.

365 Gratitude Journal is one app that helps you focus on positive events. This app stands out as it promotes effective habit-building by using gamification. Furthermore, with a mood tracker, daily prompts, and a community aspect, it does a good job of encouraging users to be grateful. 365 Gratitude Journal also offers meditations and the ability to send custom thank-you cards to extend these positive emotions to your loved ones.

The Anxiety Solution 

The best relaxing apps are easy to use, with various options. The Anxiety Solution app offers just that. Users will find numerous features, including breathing exercises, meditations, courses, stories, a mood tracker, and a gratitude journal. It is a simple way to start taking control of your well-being, as you can dive into any of the above content pieces straight from your device. 

This app acts as a mini toolkit for your mental well-being and encourages users to do a daily check-in to reflect on their morning.


Breathwork has numerous benefits [5] for physical and mental well-being. Finding an effective app to help you practice specific techniques may improve energy levels, concentration, and mental clarity. Resonant frequency breathing is a method you can practice on Bliss, a visual breathing app.

Research shows that resonant frequency breathing can relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and improve mood [6]. Bliss guides you through science-backed practices with visual cues to calm your mind, ease feelings of anxiety, and restore relaxation. Each graphic is customizable and plays alongside a soothing sound to give you a moment of ease.

Download Bliss on the App Store or Google Play and start your free trial to experience the power of intentional breathing.

Gratitude: Self-Care Journal

As you know, practicing gratitude is an excellent way to promote relaxation and stress relief. However, rather than a simple journaling app, the Gratitude app combines a variety of relaxing exercises to improve the user’s mood. For example, alongside a gratitude journal, it has a library of affirmations to inspire positive thinking. Users can choose pre-made phrases, create their own, add music, or record a voiceover to make the experience more personal. Home screen widgets also make it easy to see inspirational quotes and prompts from anywhere.

Moreover, the Gratitude app stands apart from other positive thinking apps with its vision board feature. Crafting a visual display of your goals is a relaxing experience that can help you cultivate positivity and focus on your dreams. Whether you create a category for travel, your dream house, or your next passion project, this app is a relaxing way to visualize your goals. 


Whether you’re taking breaks throughout the day or working on improving sleep quality, relaxation is essential to a healthy lifestyle. There are so many relaxing apps to try, and we hope this article sets you up with some excellent suggestions. 

If you’re unsure where to start, consider Pzizz for a science-backed approach to better sleep and relaxation. With over a million users and endorsed by journalists, athletes, and authors, Pzizz is the sleep solution you’ve been searching for. Alternatively, if you get easily distracted throughout the day, download the Mesmerize app for a visually engaging and mindful pause. 


What app makes you relax?

Relaxation apps, like Pzizz, are excellent for calming down at night. Whereas Mesmerize is a great choice for people who want to improve focus with guided meditation and soothing visuals. 

What app is better for anxiety?

If anxiety prevents you from getting a restful sleep, try Pzizz for a scientifically-proven method to calm your nervous system and fall into slumber. Alternatively, The Anxiety Solution app offers mindfulness exercises to help you relax on the go. 

How do I calm my mind from overthinking?

Meditation and mindfulness exercises, like the ones offered on these apps, are a great way to ease the stress of overthinking. If you’re stuck in an overthinking spiral, try to find positive distractions, such as the serene visuals on the Mesmerize or Woah apps.