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The 10 Best Sleep Trackers to Choose in 2023

Posted on December 13 2022


  • Sleep trackers monitor and record your sleep patterns to help you understand how well you sleep. They usually measure heart rate, breathing, body temperature, and movements. This information can provide valuable insights into the quality of your sleep so that you can make lifestyle adjustments if necessary.
  • While not expressly designed as a sleep tracker, Pzizz is vital if you're concerned about the quality of your sleep. Our app is designed to aid relaxation and help you fall asleep quicker and longer. Pzizz is available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.
  • Some of the best models available for purchase include Fitbit Versa 2, Oura Ring, Garmin Vivoactive, and Whoop 4.0. These models can provide a detailed analysis of your sleeping habits.


Sleep is essential to our daily lives and is enjoyable when achieved successfully and comfortably. However, many people struggle to get enough quality time in bed and are looking for ways to improve their sleep and find out what's going wrong.

Sleep trackers are becoming increasingly popular for monitoring and improving sleep patterns, but with so many on the market, it can be hard to know which is best for you.

But before you track your sleep, you’ll want to actually get to sleep! A great starting point would be our Pzizz app. Pzizz is designed with science in mind, using calming sounds, music, and voices to help reduce stress and anxiety so that falling asleep becomes easier than ever before! Pzizz is available on the Apple App Store and through Google Play.

This article will look at what a sleep tracker is and how it can help you get a better night's rest. Then we'll look at what you should be looking for when choosing a sleep tracker and, finally, list some of the best sleep trackers available today, such as the Pzizz app and products from Oura Ring and Whoop. Let's jump in!

What Are Sleep Trackers?

A sleep tracker is a device designed to monitor, record, and report your sleep patterns, known collectively as sleep tracking. Sleep trackers can measure your heart rate, breathing, and movements while you sleep, giving you an insight into what's happening during the night. Sleep trackers are usually worn as wearable bands or rings and can be used with an app to provide a detailed sleep analysis.

Information that a sleep monitor can record and analyze includes:

  • Sleep duration: How long you have slept for
  • Sleep stages: Light, deep, and REM sleep
  • Sleep quality: How restful and restorative your sleep is
  • Sleep disturbances: Any disturbances in your sleep, like waking up or tossing and turning
  • Sleep environment: Temperature, sound levels, bedding conditions, etc.

Sleep tracking information, such as that listed above, can help you understand why you might not be getting the best quality sleep and suggest changes you could make to help improve your slumber. However, the level of detail provided will depend on what sleep tracker you choose and its features.

What Should You Look For in a Sleep Tracker?

When choosing a sleep tracker, there are several key factors to consider. For example:

  • Budget: Sleep trackers can range from $50-$200 or more, depending on their features. Consider how much you are willing to spend and what features you need.
  • Comfort and Wearability: Sleep trackers should be comfortable to wear overnight, and if you plan on wearing them while exercising, make sure the tracker is suitable. You should also ensure that it can handle activities like showering or swimming if necessary.
  • Features: Sleep trackers will offer a range of features, such as heart rate monitoring, sound levels, light detection, etc. Consider what information you want from your sleep tracker before making a purchase. Check to see what types of sleep data the tracker records and how accurate the data is. Look for trackers with sensors that measure heart rate, breathing, body temperature, etc.
  • Battery Life: Most sleep trackers will need to be recharged, so make sure that the battery life is long enough for your needs.
  • Connectivity: Sleep trackers can often integrate with other apps and services to provide sleep-tracking functionality more effectively, so look for one compatible with any apps or platforms you already use.
  • Sleep Apps: Many sleep trackers will require you to download a companion sleep app for sleep tracking to function. Make sure that any sleep app is compatible with your device before buying a sleep tracker. Also, note any required subscription fees.

How Sleep Trackers Can Help You Sleep Better

Sleep tracking can help you determine what is hindering your sleep and identify any bedtime habits or environmental changes contributing to poor-quality sleep. Sleep trackers can also provide valuable insight into how different activities such as exercise, diet, stress, alcohol, and caffeine may affect your sleep patterns.

Using the data provided by your sleep tracker, you can make small lifestyle changes and track their effects on your overall sleep quality. You can make more informed decisions about improving your sleep health with the right information.

Some of the things that these wearable bands can help with include the following:

  • Improving your bedtime routines
  • Adjusting your sleeping environment to best suit you
  • Eliminating bad habits that are disrupting your sleep cycle
  • Understanding the optimal times for you to go to bed and wake up
  • Evaluating how different activities affect sleep quality
  • Monitoring progress over time

Ultimately, sleep trackers can be a great way to help you improve your sleep health and achieve the best possible night's rest. However, it's important to remember that sleep trackers are not a "cure-all" solution but one of many tools you can use to help you get better sleep.

Introducing Pzizz as an Alternative Sleep Strategy

One of those other strategies you might employ to improve your sleep is Pzizz. Our Pzizz app is a revolutionary way to help you relax and fall asleep quicker. Pzizz combines scientifically proven elements of psychoacoustics, binaural beats, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to provide personalized audio tracks that can help you relax and sleep better in no time.

Pzizz provides an immersive audio experience designed to reduce stress and promote relaxation. This, in turn, can lead to improved sleep quality over time.

While backed by advanced science, Pzizz is also one of the simplest sleep apps available. It works across three modules-the sleep module, the nap module, and the focus module. The sleep module allows you to personalize your sleep experience before bed, letting you customize what you hear and experience. As a bonus, our three-and-a-half-minute wakeup routine will leave you energized for the day ahead.

Likewise, the nap module has been scientifically constructed so you can get the most from your breaks. Napping has been proven to improve your performance and alertness, and Pzizz provides narration, music, and more to help you fall asleep quickly and effectively. Once done, you can turn to our focus module and our ‘focuscapes,’ designed to get you into the zone and then gently bring you back down through our ‘cooldown’ section.

So if you're looking for an alternative way to improve your sleeping habits without relying solely on traditional sleep-tracking devices, Pzizz might be the perfect solution. Its sound and audio technology combination can help you achieve better quality sleep without requiring invasive tracking or cumbersome monitors.

Pzizz can be downloaded via the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The Best Sleep Trackers for 2023

Oura Ring

The Oura Ring is a revolutionary sleep tracker that is stylish, comfortable, and lightweight. It monitors your heart rate and body temperature throughout the night to provide detailed insights into how well you sleep. Additionally, it can track your activity during the day and send motivating reminders to keep you on track with your fitness goals. With its comprehensive sleep-tracking features and stylish design, the Oura Ring is one of the best sleep trackers available today.

Whoop 4.0

The Whoop 4.0 is an all-in-one fitness tracker, activity bracelet, and sleep monitor designed for athletes who want to optimize their performance through better rest habits. It tracks a wide range of metrics related to health, including heart rate variability (HRV), respiration rate, resting heart rate (RHR), activity intensity levels, recovery score, and more – all from a single device worn around your wrist! As a bonus, the sensor can be removed from the wearable band and attached to other garments. With its easy-to-use app interface and powerful data analysis capabilities, Whoop 4.0 makes it easier than ever before to stay on top of your health by understanding just how much restful or active sleep you're getting each night.

Kokoon Nightbuds

If you're looking for something a little different, Kokoon Nightbuds might be for you. Sitting in the ear like AirPods, they provide a comfortable, noise-canceling listening experience while tracking your sleep. The Nightbuds have built-in soothing sounds, music, and white noise to aid sleep. Then, once asleep, sensors will monitor brain activity and analyze your sleep data to provide personalized recommendations to improve your sleep habits. With their stylish design and advanced features, the Kokoon Nightbuds is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-tech device that will help them get better restful sleep every night.

Biostrap Active Set

The Biostrap Active Set is a comprehensive sleep tracker that can monitor your sleeping patterns and give unique details, such as how your body recovers. It tracks your movements, heart rate, breathing, and other health metrics while you sleep and sends the data it collects to its app for in-depth analysis. Additionally, it has advanced features such as smart alarms that help you wake up at the best possible time of day. There are various sets available, but the Biostrap Active Set is possibly the most effective, including an Activity Pod, which you can use to record workouts, and both wrist and chest straps. With its comprehensive tracking capabilities and thoughtful design, the Biostrap Active Set is one of the best sleep trackers out there.

Sleepon Go2sleep Tracker

The Sleepon Go2sleep Tracker is a sleep-tracking device designed to help you get the most out of your nights. It tracks various metrics such as heart rate, oxygen saturation, body temperature, physical activity levels, and more. It also provides personalized reports on how well you're sleeping and tips for improving your sleep quality. Additionally, it is equipped with advanced features such as automatic sleep detection and smart alarms that can be configured to wake you up at the ideal time according to your sleep cycle.

Fitbit Versa 2

The Fitbit Versa 2 is a powerful fitness tracker that doubles as an effective sleep monitor. It has all the features you would expect from a fitness tracker, like step counting, calorie tracking, and other exercise-related data capture. It also has advanced sleep tracking capabilities such as REM detection and smart wake alarms configurable according to your preferences. In addition, the Fitbit Versa 2 has AI-based diet and physical activity recommendations, which can help optimize your performance in both activities. This smartwatch is one of the best choices for an all-in-one fitness and sleep tracker.

Wellue O2Ring Sleep Tracker

The Wellue O2Ring Sleep Tracker is specifically designed to track oxygen desaturation during nighttime hours so users can gain valuable insights into their overall health status while they rest. The device monitors heart and respiratory rate while simultaneously calculating the oxygen saturation inside your bloodstream via pulse oximetry readings. Thanks to this feature, users can identify any potential health complications related to their breathing patterns while they sleep. The Wellue O2Ring Sleep Tracker is one of the best health monitoring systems available if you're looking for better insight into your wellbeing at night.


Beddit is a thin non-wearable sensor bedcover that sits beneath your sheets to measure various aspects of your sleeping habits. For example, respiration rate, heart rate variability (HRV), total resting heart rate (RHR), movement intensity levels, and snoring intensity levels. With its sophisticated technology backed by AI algorithms and machine learning techniques, Beddit can help you keep track of your nightly routine with detailed personalized reports that allow you to identify issues or areas to be improved. Beddit is a good option for those who want more control over their nighttime health without wearing anything on their wrists.

Garmin Vivoactive

This powerful GPS running watch offers robust fitness tracking capabilities and advanced fitness metrics like VO2 max estimates and stress scores. Garmin Vivoactive provides in-depth analysis based on collected data points so that users can make informed decisions regarding their general health based on data collected by sensors embedded within watch straps! Overall this GPS running watch makes an excellent choice if you're looking for detailed insights into your daily activities and getting good restful nights. This is especially true if you believe in keeping close tabs on their overall performance levels across multiple metrics.

Sleepme Sleepme+Tracker (Dock Pro System)

The Sleepme+is a thin pad you need to use in conjunction with the ChiliPad Pro Mattress Pad, which regulates your bed temperature, both part of the Dock Pro Sleep System. With four sensors working to monitor your sleeping activity throughout the night, this AI-driven system records data in real-time. It can automatically adjust your bed's temperature for maximum comfort as you snooze! As well as allowing you to monitor your ideal sleep temperature, the Sleepme+Tracker tracks important metrics such as heart rate, respiration rate, and more. The accompanying Sleepme+app then compiles this information into an easy-to-read daily report so that you can better understand the quality of your rest.

Why Sleep Tracking Might Not Be as Effective as It Seems

While sleep trackers can provide a wealth of information about your sleeping habits and patterns, much is still to be learned from their data. For instance, many sleep trackers only measure movement during sleep, which means they won't be able to accurately measure other important factors such as breathing or heart rate. 

This can lead to inaccurate readings and results. Additionally, many sleep trackers are prone to false positives due to outside factors such as pets or partners moving in bed with you.

In addition, even the best sleep tracker won't be able to provide insights into more complex issues affecting your sleep quality,– such as stress and anxiety. For this, you may need to seek the help of a medical professional or sleep specialist who can provide more comprehensive advice and guidance.

Overall, while sleep trackers can be useful for understanding your sleeping patterns, it's important to remember that they are not a substitute for seeing a doctor if your sleep issues persist. Ultimately, it would be best if you used a combination of sleep trackers, medical advice, and other strategies such as relaxation techniques and positive lifestyle changes. With this approach, you can make the best use of your sleep tracker and ensure you get the best possible sleep every night.


Choosing the best sleep tracker all depends on your individual needs and preferences. Wearable bands such as the Fitbit Versa 2 and Whoop 4.0 activity bracelet are great for tracking activity and sleep data in real time, while devices such as the Oura Ring and Kokoon Nightbuds provide more detailed insights into your sleeping habits. Ultimately, you want to choose a device capable of tracking all the necessary information while still being comfortable enough to wear. 

If you’re monitoring your sleep as you are suffering from insomnia or other issues, then Pzizz might be your first port of call. Our Pzizz app has been created using scientifically-backed methods such as psychoacoustics and enables you to relax with calming music, voice, and sound effects. These methods reduce stress and anxiety – allowing for deep restorative sleep each night! 

Try Pzizz today via the Apple App Store or Google Play and experience the benefits of better sleep! 


Are there any risks associated with using a sleep tracker?

If used properly, there are generally no health risks associated with using a sleep tracker. However, improper use of the device (deliberately over-sleeping or sleeping too little to gain data, for example) could potentially cause health problems related to sleep deprivation.

How do I make the most out of my sleep tracker?

The best way to get the most out of your sleep tracker is by setting realistic goals and tracking your progress toward them. Before using a tracker, decide what type of feedback you want and set achievable goals that will help you improve your sleep habits over time.

What other types of tracking devices exist?

Other than sleep trackers, many devices track other aspects of your life, such as fitness, diet, and mental wellbeing. If being well-rested and able to focus is your main concern, try the Pzizz app to promote relaxation, peace of mind, and quality sleep.