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Best White Noise Apps for iPhone-Complete List

Posted on October 26 2022

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Key Points

  • White noise is a form of sound masking, and white noise apps cover up background noises with a constant, relaxing sound. They can help decrease the time it takes for someone to fall asleep, as well as keep them asleep, enhancing overall sleep quality. White noise can also be used to increase focus and concentration.
  • Top white noise apps for iPhone include Sound Machine, Pzizz, Calm, myNoise, and Sleep Fan.
  • To enjoy a revolutionary sleeping experience, download the Pzizz app in the App Store today and drift off to white noise sounds, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed. 

How Do White Noise Apps Work?

White noise is a form of sound masking. It is made up of frequencies and tones distributed over the entire hearing range that we hear continuously. Research has shown that sounds such as rain, a moving fan, and waves can affect our brains positively. It is believed to enhance overall sleep quality by raising the hearing thresholds, meaning we are less likely to hear background noises such as snoring, traffic noises, and doors slamming over white noise. 

White noise apps cover up background noises with a continuous, relaxing sound. They can help to lessen the time it takes for someone to fall asleep and keep them asleep. This concept is now so popular that there is an entire category for “Sleep” on Apple Music, with many white noise tracks available to aid with sleeping. White noises can also be used to help increase focus and productivity. White noise apps are ideal for people or babies that struggle with nodding off or staying asleep.

Top 22 White Noise Apps for iPhone

Without further ado, let’s consider some of the best white noise apps currently available for iPhones.

Sound Machine

Sound Machine features sounds, stories, meditations and music to help enhance sleep, relaxation, energy levels, and breathing. It is an app that uses music for a greater reason than just entertainment, but as a way to enhance our overall well-being. This is known as “Functional Music”. Sound Machine has a vast library of audio content that utilizes clinically validated tactics. The app lets you mix your favorite sounds for the ultimate audio experience. You can also create playlists, customize everything, set custom reminders, and share your music creations.

BetterSleep (Formerly Relax Melodies)

BetterSleep aims to improve your sleep with hundreds of calming sleep sounds available, including white noise. There are numerous categories, including fan noises, hairdryers, and hoovers. BetterSleep includes a Sleep Tracker, Sleep Recorder, and Sleep Science, helping you to analyze and improve your sleep, and also offers sleep stories and meditations. Over 90% of people using the app said they slept better after using it for just one week.

White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds

This app has a fantastic selection of different sounds, as well as typical white noise sounds. These include air conditioners, fog horns, driving in the rain, air filters, fans, a roaring fire, and even womb noises. White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds is easy to use and is designed for both adults and babies struggling with sleep. You also have the option of mixing multiple sounds.


Pzizz is an excellent app that aims to bring better sleep to the world. It is designed to help you fall asleep fast, stay asleep, relax your mind, and wake up feeling ready for the day. It features dreamscapes (a combination of sound effects, voiceovers, and music), perfect for high-quality sleep at night as well as power naps. Furthermore, Pzizz allows you to receive a personalized experience, set customized listening times of up to 24 hours, and works without an internet connection. 

Sleep Sounds by Sleep Pillow

This app is relatively simplistic but includes high-quality soothing soundtracks with individual images. You tap on the image to play the sound until you stop it. You can also set a timer to turn off the sound after a while. Sleep Sounds by Sleep Pillow plays even when the app is minimized, and you can create sound mixes of up to three sounds. Examples of individual sound options available include waves, rain, whale noises, and an instrumental lullaby. There are also multiple upgrade options with this app which offers premium features such as no ads and an alarm clock.

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

Many people find the sound of rain, or water in general, soothing. Rain Rain Sleep Sounds is an app perfect for those people, as you can choose sounds such as rushing water, storms, and fountains. You can also mix a variety of sounds and play them in the background. This app offers a fade-out timer and an oscillator that lets you adjust sound intensity. Rain Rain Sleep Sounds includes more than 50 high-definition sounds, not just limited to water, such as a purring cat and a roaring fireplace. This app works without a network connection.

Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds

Atmosphere has many sounds to choose from and offers different environment categories, such as beach, forest, park, and countryside. This app allows you to play numerous sounds at once, and you can save these combinations. It also allows you to set a timer to prevent you from draining your phone battery. Atmosphere uses binaural noises and isochronic tones to stimulate while decreasing stress levels. However, bear in mind that the app includes adverts displayed at the bottom of the screen, which might be off-putting to some. 


myNoise starts off with a personal calibration to test your hearing quality. This is so the app can adjust the volume and pitch, so every user has the best possible sound experience. You can choose from numerous sounds and play them either together or individually to make the perfect white noise for you. This app is highly customizable and has a colored-noise generator that allows you to choose which color noise you wish to listen to, such as pink, white, or brown. myNoise also includes a timer to prevent playback and a binaural beat generator. One exciting feature is that you can mix sounds with other apps on your phone.

White Noise Lite

White Noise Lite is an easy-to-use app with numerous sounds you can mix together using recordings you make. Different sound options include a campfire, an oscillating fan, a Tibetan singing bowl, rain on a car roof, and water dripping. White Noise Lite allows you to time sounds and loops them as much as you want based on set time intervals. You can use other apps while listening and can even upload and share your mixes and recordings.


Calm is an award-winning sleep and meditation app with more than 100 million worldwide users. It offers guided meditations varying in length, sleep stories narrated by famous voices such as Matthew McConaughey and P!nk, soundscapes, stretching routines, and sounds including white noise. Calm is predominantly a meditation app, although it also includes a good selection of white noise options, which is why it makes our list. However, Calm may not be the best option if you are just after a white noise app and nothing more.


Headscape is similar to Calm in that it is primarily a meditation tool, offering sleep meditation, breathing exercises, mindfulness skills from world experts, relaxing sounds, and white noise. There are many soundtracks to choose from, including Traffic Noise, Winter Days, and Ocean Time. You can find the white noise options in Soundscapes (recorded in 3D sound), Sleepcasts, or Sleep Radio. Headspace features a friendly user interface and optimized sound flows, although the app cannot be played in the background.

Dark Noise

Dark Noise features 50 sounds to choose from and also offers many customization options. The theme of the app can be changed, you can select your own icon, and you can make a customized widget for quicker playback. It works across the entire Apple ecosystem, meaning you can transfer music between different Apple devices. Dark Noise also allows you to set a timer to fade out noise before you wake up.


Noisli is unique from other apps in this list in that it is primarily used for drowning out distracting noises to increase concentration and productivity. But it can also be used to create a pleasant auditory environment for sleeping or relaxing. Noisli has a clean and intuitive interface that allows you to play one (or multiple) sounds at once, create combinations, listen to sounds offline, and set a timer. Sound options include wind, stream, coffee shop, and crickets. It also offers white, brown, and pink noises.

Portal-Immersive Escapes

Portal is an immersive app that aims to reduce stress and increase mental health and sleep quality. Using immersive technology, such as intelligent lighting, retina-quality motion images, and spatial audio, the user is provided with an immediate escape to some of the world’s most relaxing and beautiful locations, such as the Highlands of Scotland and the Himalayas. It also includes a sleep timer and a sunrise wake-up alarm.


ShutEye has numerous exciting features. It includes a sleep tracker, relaxing background noises, sleep stories, and various sounds — including white noise — which you can use to create your own mix. The integrated sleep monitor scientifically studies your sleep patterns, and ShutEye’s snore detector tells you how loudly you snore (this can be analyzed from your Apple Health app). Additionally, it has a smart alarm to ensure you wake up as peacefully as possible.


Tide has a beautiful user interface and provides you with a relaxing experience. It aims to assist physical and mental health and helps you to relax and feel calm. Along with offering white noise, it features other functions, such as meditation, breathe modes, a daily journal, daily quotes, and study timers. This app is designed for people suffering from sleep issues, procrastinators, stressed individuals, and those who get easily distracted by outside noise. Tide allows you to fall asleep to nature sounds, includes light wake-up alarms, and lets you mix your favorite music with natural sounds, such as rain, ocean, and thunder.

Apple Music 

Apple Music is one of the best music streaming apps. As mentioned at the start of our article, there is a “Sleep” category that features countless sleep aids, including white noise. The app allows you to explore virtually every white noise effect possible, such as meditation and nature sounds. However, the choice selection is not as extensive as other apps on this list that are white noise specific. 

Fan Noise Sleep Sounds

Many people find it impossible to sleep without the sound of a bedroom fan, especially if they have become accustomed to it. This app allows you to fall and stay asleep with a comforting fan noise wherever you lay your head to rest. Key features of Fan Noise Sleep Sounds include an oscillator, a choice of 24 color themes, a fader, a timer, and also can be played in the background. It offers fan sounds at two speed levels, namely high and low.

Noise Generator: Full Spectrum

This app lets you generate custom color noises, including white, blue, violet, brown, and pink noise. You can also use low and high-cut filters. Noise Generator has a simple interface and uses advanced mathematical formulas to create all audio waves. There is also an on-screen volume slider that allows you to alter the device volume to a level you are comfortable with. 

Sleep Fan

Sleep Fan exposes its users to a noise composition similar to the noise of an electric fan, the hum of which is relaxing for many people. The app allows you to customize the hum to your liking and offers three different white noise speeds. Sleep Fan also has colorful themes available and a timer so you can set the duration time for using the app.

White Noise HQ

White Noises HQ has a library of high-resolution stereo recordings, and you can choose from over 75 natural sounds, such as blowing wind, highways and trains, rhythmic ocean surf, and white, brown, and pink noise. The user can also mix up to six sounds. The app includes high-definition images from around the world, runs in the background, has a sleep timer with a gradual audio fade-out, and can be mixed with other sound apps. 


The last app on our list is Mesmerize which offers a unique and all-encompassing audio visual meditation experience. It uses engaging visuals with relaxing psycho-acoustic music along with guided meditations to give you the perfect relaxation experience. It also includes nature sounds and white noise, is offline compatible, and includes variable volumes. Meditation topics that are covered include addiction, sleep, and healing.

Improve Your Sleep Today With Pzizz

Getting sufficient sleep is integral to both our physical and mental well-being, and white noise apps can help us optimize our sleep patterns to feel more relaxed, alert, productive, and well-rested. At Pzizz, we use a variety of clinically-tested strategies to play you a perfectly optimized mix of voiceover, sound effects, and music that changes every night. We have been endorsed by well-known celebrities, such as J.K.Rowling and Roy Hibbert, and have over one million downloads to date. Pzizz is free to download and offers Classic Pzizz at zero charge, but you can purchase Pzizz Pro to get full access to our content and features. When you install the app, you will even get a free seven-day trial of Pzizz Pro. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the App Store, download our app, and discover how amazing sleep can be with a little help from Pzizz.


What is the best free white noise app for iPhone?

There are numerous free white noise apps available for iPhone, including Classic Pzizz. The best white noise app for you will be dependent on your individual preferences.

Are white noise apps effective?

Studies have indicated that white noise can be highly beneficial in enhancing overall sleep quality. 

What color noise is best for anxiety?

White noise is one of the best colors to assist with anxiety, especially if you struggle to fall asleep at night. Therefore, white noise can also help combat insomnia.