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Focus Web Beta!

Bringing the Focus Module to the Web and Desktop

Posted on August 16 2020
Scientifically designed music to help you achieve deep focus

Pzizzers have long requested having access to the Focus module on their desktop.

Wait no more! The web experience is ready. And it’s free while in beta.

Access it here.


  • “Focuscapes;” specially designed music to help you focus
  • Pomodoro timer that allows you to work and rest in chunks of time
  • Variable playback rate; often you can experience a piece in beautiful new ways at different tempos
  • Install-able as a desktop app with offline access
  • Switch timer; choose how often you want the music to change
  • Low and High intensity settings for each focuscape. Low settings are generally better for lower cognitive tasks (example: data entry). High settings are generally better for higher cognitive tasks (example: creative writing). Note: personal preference does play a large role in effectiveness however.

Again, Focus is free while in beta. So give it a try at