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#Sleepstakes Winners for June 2018!

Posted on July 17 2018

Our first incarnation of #Sleepstakes has been a big success! Thank you to everyone who participated and joined the fun. We’ll do it again very soon :)

And now, on to the winners!

Grand Prize Winner (Airpods)


“Sometimes I use this app @pzizz to get to sleep. I have never had to use its wake up mode because I have a very furry alarm clock that refuses to be snoozed. #sleepstakes #catsofinstagram

Runner-Ups (one year of free Pzizz Pro)



“ Shhhhhhh 💤”


Lisa Wise


“When your flight is delayed until the next day and you’re out of money at the end of your euro trip, you @Pzizz in public.”

Olu Burrell


“now that I don’t have puppy cuddles I can use @pzizz

Melissa Grubb

“ Wish I could fall asleep anywhere like he does!”


“I fell asleep on the couch 😴🛋 what an exhausting day!”

Mariette Hancock