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Best Sound Machine

A Better Sound Machine: mix & match the best nature sounds, sleep music, bedtime stories & meditations.

All sounds produced by professional audio engineers & psychoacoustics researchers for great quality sounds.

Posted on February 05 2021

Sound Machine is the best sound machine for iOS. There's no debate. With over 1000 nature sounds, soothing white noise and calming tones, sleep music, bedtime stories, and guided meditations, the variety offered by Sound Machine is unparalleled. Plus, unlike other purportedly-good sound machine apps, Sound Machine is built to let you customize your sonic environment by mixing and matching sounds to get a blend right for you, whether you're sleeping, studying, relaxing or working.

All of our great sounds are recorded by our professional audio engineering staff, while our sleep music draws on over 20 years of experience with our sister app, Pzizz. Our psychoacoustic research staff ensures that each sound, song, and meditation we publish is fit for sleep or focus, following the cutting edge of scientific insight into how noise can make the brain relax and what keeps it alert.

No other sound machine can boast that they are the best, because no other sound machine puts in the care and quality that Sound Machine does.

Using Sound Machine is as easy as its sounds are great. Just select what nature and background noises you want, then add any narrators and adjust the volumes of all your different sounds to get the right blend. Then get back to sleeping or studying with a totally custom soundscape to help. If you like your mix, you can save it for later in the app or share it with friends and family using a simple Web link.

What Makes This the Best Sound Machine?

  • Great Sound Machine Noises, Music, Stories, and Meditations — A huge library of sounds built from the ground up by our own expert research and audio teams.
  • Customize Everything — Easily choose your perfect combination of sounds, stories, volumes, and narrators.
  • Random — Don't want to choose? Our robust "Random" feature with granular sub-categories solves the paradox of choice.
  • Privacy Focused — No ads, no marketing emails, no logins or passwords, no accounts, no crazy permissions.
  • Tons of Features — Playlists, Sharing, Siri Shortcuts, a Healthkit Dashboard, Reminders, Simultaneous Playback with other apps, and more!

Download the best sound machine for iOS: Sound Machine by Rockwell Ventures. And don't forget to try our other sleep and meditation apps, Pzizz and Mesmerize.

Then check out these great mixes made with Sound Machine: