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Introducing Mesmerize

“Visual Meditation” — a new app included in your Pzizz subscription

Posted on December 07 2019

What’s Mesmerize?

Mesmerize is a unique audio visual meditation experience.

Uniquely hypnotic visuals combined with soothing psycho-acoustic music and expertly crafted guided meditations.

Why did we build Mesmerize?

The simple answer: people asked for it. A lot.

After we built Soundly we kept receiving feedback from people who said they would love to pair our meditation audio with psychedelic imagery.

While there isn’t robust scientific research around visual meditation specifically, there is a fair amount written more generally about “focused attention meditation,” which we’ve covered previously.

Despite the benefits of meditation, many people struggle with the “closed-eye” version of it. For some, it can even bring up memories and thoughts of serious trauma.

Mesmerize opens up a new dimension of meditation, one that allows you to embrace your visual senses in unique ways to build a meditation practice that works for you.

Mesmerize Features

• Visual Breathing; the speed of visuals will automatically adjust to your selected breathing pattern to guide you.

• Engaging Visuals; uniquely hypnotic visuals designed to mesmerize you. Control their speed with a slider.

• Soothing Psycho-Acoustic Music; designed based on clinically validated principles to ease your body into a state of relaxation.

• Guided Meditations; expertly crafted to help you on your meditation journey through a range of topics.

• Sleepy Stories; doze off quickly with drowsy tales.

• Focus Music; music designed to help you beat distractions and concentrate.

• Audio Fusion; mix outside audio with Mesmerize playback.

• Timer; set Mesmerize to automatically stop after a period of time.

• Variable Volumes; control the voice and music volumes separately to get your perfect balance between the two.

• Offline Compatible; download your favorite content to listen later in airplane mode.

• Variable Visualization Speed; manually speed up or slow down the visuals to find your perfect pace.

• Random Modes; don’t like choosing? Automatically chose a random from your favorites or a particular content category.

• Healthkit; track your “Mindful Minutes” when using Mesmerize

• Privacy Focused; no ads, no marketing emails, no logins or passwords, no accounts, no crazy permissions. In the age of information intrusion, Mesmerize is specifically designed to leave you alone.

Is Mesmerize Included With a Pzizz Subscription?

Yes. Download Mesmerize, tap the “Restore” button, and then login with your Pzizz credentials.

Final Note

We continue pushing the boundaries across technology and content to bring you unique experiences that can make a difference in your life.

A big thank you goes out to our amazing community of pzizzers all around the world for your continued support, which makes all of this work possible.