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Storm Sounds for Sleep

Create the ultimate thunderstorm sounds for sleeping using Sound Machine for iOS.

1000+ rain and storm sounds, sleep music, meditative tones, & bedtime stories in calming voices.

Posted on February 05 2020

The sounds of a storm is always so calming — the pitter patter sound of rain combined with the low rumbles of thunder off in the distance can put anyone to sleep in seconds. Sleep sounds mixes are great, but the same old thunderstorm sounds from YouTube and Spotify get old and quickly lose their charm.

Making your own dynamic mix of storm sounds for sleeping is easy with Sound Machine! Our library of hundreds of professionally-curated nature and rain sounds, sleep music, stories, and meditations can help you craft a soundscape perfect for your needs — whether that’s relaxation, sleep, or just background noise to focus with. By specially crafting our sounds to loop on top of each other in new and interesting ways, your mixes will never repeat themselves and never get old.

Anyone can make their own storm sounds mix in just a few moments. First, you select the nature, rain, and storm sounds to create a custom storm that sounds just the way you like it, along with any music or narrations you want. Then you adjust their volumes to get the perfect blend. Soon enough you’re fast asleep. If you like your storm sounds mix, you can save it to help you sleep next time and even share it too! If you need to, changing up your thunderstorm is easy: just adjust volumes and add or remove sounds on the fly and get back to sleeping.

Sleepy Thunderstorm Sounds from Sound Machine (& You!)

  • World Class Storm Sounds for Sleeping, Music, Stories, and Meditations — A huge library of content built from the ground up by our own expert research and audio teams.
  • Customize Everything — Easily choose your perfect combination of rain sounds for sleep, stories, volumes, and narrators.
  • Privacy Focused — No ads, no marketing emails, no logins or passwords, no accounts, no crazy permissions.
  • Tons of Features — Playlists, Sharing, Siri Shortcuts, a Healthkit Dashboard, Reminders, Simultaneous Playback with other apps, and more!

Try this Storm Sounds for Sleep mix or make the perfect mix of thunder, rain, and storm sounds just for you!

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