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Create your own rain with Sound Machine.

Use 100s of nature and rain sounds for sleeping, relaxing, & meditating to create the perfect rain sounds sleep mix.

Posted on February 05 2020

The sound of rain makes falling asleep as easy as a dream. Falling asleep can feel like the hardest thing in the world, but we all have our tricks to help us overcome insomnia. For many, rain sounds are a necessity just to get a night’s sleep.

Making your own dynamic mix of rainy sounds to sleep to is easy with Sound Machine! Our library of hundreds of professionally-curated nature and rain sounds, sleep music, bedtime stories, and guided meditations can help you craft a soundscape perfect for sleep, relaxation, or even just background noise to focus with.

Anyone can make their own rain sounds sleep mix in just a few moments: just select what nature and rain sounds you want, adjust their volumes, and fall asleep fast. When you have found the perfect combination of rain sounds, sleep music, and narrators, you can save your mix for tomorrow night and beyond. Plus, if you ever need to change it up, you can add or remove sounds and adjust volumes on the fly!

Sleep Sounds: Rain by Sound Machine (& You!)

  • World Class Rain Sounds, Sleep Music, Stories, and Meditations-A huge library of content built from the ground up by our own expert research and audio teams.
  • Customize Everything-Easily choose your perfect combination of nature and rain sounds, sleepy stories, volumes, and narrators.
  • Privacy Focused-No ads, no marketing emails, no logins or passwords, no accounts, no crazy permissions.
  • Tons of Features-Playlists, Sharing, Siri Shortcuts, a Healthkit Dashboard, Reminders, Simultaneous Playback with other apps, and more!

Try this Rain: Sleep Sounds mix for FREE or create a sleep sounds mix with rain and nature noises designed by you!

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