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The New Pzizz Android App is Here!

Plus Discount!

Posted on November 09 2017

The Journey

As predominantly an Android user myself, launching the new Pzizz app on Android was always a big priority for us.

Although iOS launched back in October of 2016, Android development had actually started around the same time as iOS. But we had setback after setback with it.

We finally were able to launch a beta back in February of 2017, but then disaster struck again. The music engine that Pzizz was built on top of was just not running particularly well on a large swath of Android devices (according to the beta testers).

You see, Pzizz isn’t a simple MP3 player. There’s a complex music engine behind it that allows nifty tricks like being able to control the voice/music volume independently, being able to live switch between male/female voices, and doing all the personalization and randomization. It’s a lot more complicated than the minimalist design would lead you to believe.

So we had to start over. Literally rebuild from the ground up. Meanwhile, the iOS app continued to push forward. So we had to double the efforts to not only catch up to where iOS was, but to get where it was going.

And we did. It was incredibly hard work, but we’ve created something really special for you.

What We Built You

  • All new ‘Dreamscapes’ (music) to listen to! More than 20 times more! With more added every month so that every time you use Pzizz you’ll have a distinctly different musical experience right from the beginning.
  • A new ‘Focus Module,’ with more Focuscapes added every month
  • Female voiceover for those nights where the guy just isn’t doing it for you!
  • Sleep module ‘wake-up section’ to wake up feeling EVEN MORE awesome in the morning. We spend three and a half minutes gently waking you up from slumber
  • Pzizz history, to keep track of what you’ve listened to (and even listen to it again!)
  • ‘Skip Dreamscape’ and “Thumbs Down” button so you can stop hearing sounds you don’t like
  • Upped our alarm options with more built-in alarms and also the ability to control alarm vibration
  • Separate music and voice fade out timers so you can fade Pzizz to silence after a period of time
  • A brand new streamlined user interface and experience
  • Create an account! So you can sign in from any device and have your Pzizz settings and favorites come with you
  • You can change the audio settings live while you are in session (amazing for finding the perfect volume between music and voice)
  • And more! Go explore it :)

Note About Pricing

Any time a product switches from being free to being paid, it’s a sensitive issue. Here is my commitment to you: all the features and sounds that were part of the old Pzizz will continue to be free (“Classic Pzizz”). If you believe in what we’re doing (bringing great sleep to the world!) and want to see us continue to update and develop Pzizz, we’ve given you the ability to optionally subscribe within the new app for the new features and content.

The pricing is based on a subscription model. We choose this model because it will allow us to continue supporting Pzizz for the long term and building you great additions (which will be added to your subscription at no extra cost).

The Pzizz subscription has monthly, yearly or three-year options, with discounts the longer you subscribe for. I know some users have voiced concerns that they don’t like subscriptions, which is why we created an affordable three-year option that doesn’t auto-renew; that way you can pay once and forget about it for quite awhile.

Your Discount For Being Awesome and Patient

Thank you for the years you’ve been with us. Thank you for all the emails, facebook posts, tweets, and testimonials. Thank you for being a beta-tester. Thank you for believing in us, and for believing in the future of Pzizz.

In recognition and gratitude, we’re giving you a big discount on the launch of the new Android Pzizz. Just download the app and you’ll see the pricing is 70% off for a limited time (it will vary slightly by your country and currency, but basically 70% off). Note: when you subscribe at that price you’ll lock it in for as long as you are a subscriber.

Go Get It!

Download now on Google Play.

Download Pzizz for iOS or Android